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Bryn may look like he recently graduated from high school, but don’t let his youthful good looks fool you.  He began with Remdal in 2006 and has grown to be a very competent and effective Certified Foreman on our Strata repainting projects.

Bryn is happily married to Laura.  He loves music, and even has his own “in-home” studio where he helps others make and mix music.  He also loves to stay fit, and his favourite sport is snowboarding.

Customers appreciate Bryn’s strong commitment to keeping everyone in the communication loop, and his approachable, eager to please manner. His crew enjoys his leadership, and his happy and motivated crew delights in producing a well-executed project.

Bryn is upbeat, smiling and has a “let’s go and get her done!” kind of attitude. But he also brings careful planning to his projects.

Bryn also brings a willingness to learn, tackling complicated projects with difficult access requirements from man-lifts and bosun chairs, and out of town work as well.