The best ways to keep track of your strata colours

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I love colours!

Color samples We have colourful buildings here in Vancouver, whether it's heritage homes or creative high-rises, or colourful entry doors. And all those colours pose a challenge - how do you keep track of those one of a kind yellows and reds and blues? It's easy for a paint manufacturer or contractor to do the initial match to whatever colour you want to put on your wall or door, but then what happens to your strata colour choices?

Keeping Track of your paint colours is important

Once the unique formula is created, you want to keep that formula and guard it with your life - because that's your key to that future touch up or a quick fix repaint. Nothing cheapens the look of an entire complex more than a door in the 'wrong' green, or a fascia board that is 'whiter' than the rest of them.

Recently we came across a unique way to store those easily lost colour formulas and codes, courtesy of a North Vancouver strata residential manager:

Every colour has a place on that narrow strip of a wall. Colour sample on one side; the formula on the 'flip' side:

Color samples     Painting Color samples

Remdal's colour tracking solution


Color Schedule

Remdal's colour schedule form

At Remdal, we provide a written colour schedule for our major projects, accurately recording the materials, formula, and where it was used. We send you and your property manager a copy, and keep the original in our management software as well as project files.

We've got your strata colour records covered!

Colourfully yours,

Julia Julia