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texture repair - sackingAbout two years ago, we received a phone call from a desperate customer. “I live in a Kitsilano strata," she said. "I heard you guys do amazing drywall repairs and know how to make difficult people happy!”

Our estimator Julia replied, “Sure we do – what’s the deal?” The woman explained that she had an especially frustrated owner that was unhappy with a drywall and texture repair that had been completed in her unit. “Please just do anything you need to do to stop her squawking,” she said.

When Julia met the customer to assess the work, she noticed that the exterior of the building was freshly painted. “Who does your painting?” she asked.

The woman told Julia the name of the company and said that they had done a good job—she had even approached them about doing the water damage repair. However, their painter had given an unusual response: “We’re not good at that kind of work,” he said. “You should call Remdal. They have the right people to do it, and they’re good at pleasing picky customers.”

We were able to address the owner’s concerns with the repair job at that time, and we’ve been performing all of the water damage repair work in this apartment building ever since. This customer recently passed along a comment thanking us for “an excellent job with repairing the ceiling. It looks like new—fabulous work!”

Thanks for the kind words, and thank you to the painting company who recommended us. We hope to return to the favour sometime in the future!