Eyebrows for The Properties

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Sometimes I feel like we could be called a Remdal Spa. Wanna have your eyebrows done? Well, we have just what the doctor ordered!

The Properties West Vancouver The Properties are a beautiful development set in West Vancouver. These buildings had prominent features called 'eyebrows' that needed to be groomed for both aesthetic and life-prolonging reasons. Concrete details like this deteriorate when water moves through them. Leave them unattended and one day, bang! A chunk of concrete falls on the patio below. Ouch!

We were approached to help find solution and the best product to prevent that from happening.

And so we did. Allow me to introduce Vulkem 350/351 by Tremco - "an attractive composite waterproofing system comprised of tough-curing liquid polyurethane". Attractive! And tough. I think we're sold!
The Properties Eyebrow Lift West Vancouver

After a strenuous power wash that made the old coating fly (quite literally, we had to chase down the scraps with vacuum cleaners!) the base coat was applied. The red arrows point at the eyebrows - that's the base coat or first coat in the system, applied in grey.





The Properties West Vancouver Renovation

The top coat looks nice and shiny - high-gloss for durability. This seamless, monolithic (that means continuous and uniform) waterproof membrane will protect the building for many years to come. And, it looks pretty awesome too!