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Ask Dave

Ever worked with that guy (or girl) that has a reliable answer for almost every question? That person often becomes the office problem solver - the one everyone else comes to with their head-scratching dilemmas.

At Remdal, our Operations Manager - Dave Humphries - is the (usually) patient soul who takes the time to listen and then to offer advice when the rest of us come up against something we don't know how to solve.

Thanks to his years in construction, facility maintenance, and restoration work, he has a tremendous breadth of knowledge in building maintenance issues. And if he doesn't know the answer himself, there's a good chance he knows someone else that can provide the necessary expertise.

We find his input and expertise so valuable that we want to offer the same opportunity to you - a chance to ask your building maintenance question and get a thoughtful answer. So we've created Ask Dave, a service specifically for you and your questions.

We'll aim to use Dave’s knowledge and our entire team's experience to help you source solutions for unusual building maintenance problems. From leak-proofing a foundation wall to safety tread options for stairs, along with everything in between - we want to provide you with the knowledge you need to protect and preserve your property.

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